No More Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches

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I can't believe this story is already over a month old (time flies), but it's still annoying me. I know that my recent posts probably make you thing I wander the streets with a crossed-out mermaid t-shirt, but come on...

Maybe this is Starbucks punishing me for increasingly defecting to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee. In that category, Dunkin' has caught up. However, their breakfast sandwiches are nothing to write home about and overly laden with cheese. This observation might be skewed by the fact that my sandwich of choice at Starbucks was the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich (with reduced-fat cheese).

Anyway, the removal of these sandwiches, to me, is one of those fanciful "we identified the problem" fixes. Apparently this decision will "restore" the smell of coffee at Starbucks. I've been to over 30 Starbucks in New York City, and not one smelled like a elementary school cafeteria during lunchtime. This decision will do nothing for Starbucks.

Of course, this move is coupled with ones that may actually make a difference: $1 coffees and free refills. Then again, wouldn't this just destroy the so-called "Starbucks experience" just like the breakfast sandwiches supposedly did?

My guess is that Dunkin' Donuts will continue to eat away at Starbucks. They already are in New York City. And, as we all know, they have a much better lid!

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