Lost in Translation Series: Translation Fun at the Buffet

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My previous translation postings, all involving German to English mistranslations, were quite amusing. However, those examples simply cannot compare to the Chinese to English translation I'm presenting you today. Have a look:

Funny Chopstick Package

You can click on the image to enlarge it, but the text reads:

Welcome to Chinese Restaurant.
please try your Nice Chinese Food With Chopsticks
the traditional and typical of Chinese glorious history.
and cultural

Let's sum up what's wrong here:

  • The lack of an indefinite article (a) before "Chinese Restaurant."
  • The second sentence starts with a lowercase 'p', but for some reason "Nice", "Food", "With", and "Chopsticks" are capitalized. There should also be a comma before the second half of the sentence.
  • The third line never mentions what the adjectives "traditional" and "typical" are describing! My guess is that "utensil" is the missing word here!
  • The random "and cultural" in the fourth line, all by itself!

The word "glorious" and the random "and cultural" line are in a different font, which might indicate corrections were attempted to be made!

These chopsticks are generic, and thus can probably found at a Chinese restaurant near you! This package was discovered at the Chinese/Japanese Buffet on Erie Boulevard in DeWitt, a suburb of Syracuse.

But then there was also the fortune in the fortune cookie:

Fortune in a Fortune Cookie

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