Syracuse hasn't Lost its Luster

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Halloween Weekend 2006 in SyracuseI had a great two days/nights in Syracuse Thursday through Saturday, thanks to Chris's invitation. As a fresh alumni it's pretty awesome to go back to your alma mater and live it up a little. Especially if you are otherwise stuck in a town with no friends. I did of course choose a great weekend, Halloween weekend, to head back up to the 'Cuse, but nevertheless. Thursday night took place at Faegans, like in the old days, and the weather played along as well. Friday was kind of a lazy day, really only kicking into gear with a visit to the Middle Ages Brewery in Syracuse's Westside neighborhood. Afterwords there was a visit to Pavone's Pizza (pronunciation still a point of contention) in Little Italy. The night was all about the infamous three-dollars-a-pitcher happy hour at Chuck's. And finally there was "the buffet" on Saturday afternoon, which cannot be described by words. It's great to know that if I want to pretend that I'm still a college student, the opportunity is only 90 minutes away!

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