Miami Vice, Some Spark, and Some Bones

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After a long day of work yesterday (9:30am to 5pm), I went to see Miami Vice with Kerstin, Oliver, and Thorsten. The movie was pretty good, although the ending was kind of sub-par. This might be attributed to what I read on Wikipedia, namely that Jamie Foxx walked off the set before the movie was finished filming.

Afterwards we went to Sparky's, then to Billy's Bones. I hadn't been to Billy's since two spring breaks ago. It's insane how much the atmosphere has changed from its insanity heyday a couple years ago, when it was packed every weekend. Last night it was virtually empty, but that's not a complaint, as it's a pretty cool place to go to, I have decided. The bartenders were nice, Starobrno was on tap, a couple girls at the bar asked me where I was from, we could play darts, and there was a random rugby game beaming out of the projector. I will definitely go there again sometime soon.

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