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As a result of some email correspondence with the Facebook people, I am proud to announce that the major Austrian universities are now on Facebook! You may thank me below.

I just love when someone gets something wrong, isn't made aware of it, and then everyone does the exact same thing.

Take phrases such as "Vienna goes Tennis" for example. While still grammatically correct, they are ugly, bad, English. This kind of phrase structure has been popping up all over Austria and it's really ridiculous that it hasn't been stopped. What makes this usage even more ridiculous is that the comparable sentence in German would be "Wien geht Tennis", which is just as incorrect in that language. I really want to know what genius first started the "Goes [Noun]" trend.

"Vienna goes Tennis" is currently being used as a new marketing phrase for the city's annual tennis tournament, called BA/CA TennisTrophy, that's going to take place in October. The poster attached to this entry is presently posted all across town. The organizers of the tournament might draw a few additional younger attendees, but it's also dumbing down the entire population of Vienna, which is now increasingly being taught that phrases such as "Vienna goes Tennis" are acceptable English.

As if this tournament doesn't already use enough bad English, why spell the name using CamelCase!? It would be one word in German, true, but it's two in English. Is it supposed to be some sort of compromise!?

After a long day of work yesterday (9:30am to 5pm), I went to see Miami Vice with Kerstin, Oliver, and Thorsten. The movie was pretty good, although the ending was kind of sub-par. This might be attributed to what I read on Wikipedia, namely that Jamie Foxx walked off the set before the movie was finished filming.

Afterwards we went to Sparky's, then to Billy's Bones. I hadn't been to Billy's since two spring breaks ago. It's insane how much the atmosphere has changed from its insanity heyday a couple years ago, when it was packed every weekend. Last night it was virtually empty, but that's not a complaint, as it's a pretty cool place to go to, I have decided. The bartenders were nice, Starobrno was on tap, a couple girls at the bar asked me where I was from, we could play darts, and there was a random rugby game beaming out of the projector. I will definitely go there again sometime soon.

Trivia Night August 23, 2006Wednesday night we ended up coming in third place at Merry Monk's trivia night. We won the "Booby Prize", which was four double-shot bottles of Jameson, a Jameson pen, lanyard, CD holder, etc. Second place received €30, and first an insane €80 and a full-sized bottle of Jameson. I should mention that we partly owe our third place to Kathi and her friend Isabella's knowledge. We have to come in first some time again though... I know it's possible.

After trivia night nearly everyone went home, but Kerstin was nice enough to stay out with me until three or so.

Six Years Ago

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Fall 2000 Planner PageThis week always causes flashbacks in my head as it is the week when school started for me the last seven years. This year it's especially awkward since I'm not currently in any educational program... The first time in two decades.

My dad's apartment here in Vienna is full of history, mostly because I never throw anything away. The other day I found my day planner from 2000-2001, aka 11th Grade. I always loved the first week or two of school, because I had absolutely nothing to do. Look at the planner page I attached to this entry. It's from Friday in the second week of school... And I had absolutely nothing to do!

Ironically, it'd be the first Friday of school today, and I still have nothing to do!

Closed Of...

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Bad English on Vienna's MetroI see so many ridiculously hilarious signs and posters in Vienna on a daily basis that I've decided to start a series on this very topic right here on my weblog.

My first sign is this sticker that was posted in nearly every metro car here in Vienna, as well as many buses and trams that would be affected by the subject of this sticker.

Basically, Gumpendorfer Straße, a stop on the U6 metro line is closed all summer for renovations. This message in German was translated into English as "Closed of U6 Station Gumpendorfer Straße"! Apparently the Wiener Linien (Vienna Transit Lines) didn't consult a native speaker or expert of the English language to translate this message!

After a nearly-full rollout, corrected stickers began showing up, that, didn't simply change 'closed' to 'closure', but rather rephrased the entire sentence to "U6 Gumpendorfer Straße Station will be closed..."

Almost all of the original stickers have been replaced, but I occasionally still encounter them.