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Most-visited photo on in April 2006Unique Visitors: 6905 (2nd Place)
Number of Visits: 12972 (2nd Place)
Pages: 48785 (2nd Place)
Hits: 123363 (6th Place)
Bandwidth: 2.38 GB (4th Place)
Top Photo: DSC00211.JPG from "Night of March 31" (22 Views, Pictured)
Top Countries: United States, Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Japan

Yeah... I'm just a little late with this...

April was not a record-breaking month for, but it came in second in three of the five categories.

There was a new top photo, pictured above.

The most visited sections of my website were AIS2002.COM, followed by my weblog, photos, KaiCams, and videos... Same order as last month.

Google's index of my website increased significantly, from 733 to 1280 pages... Craziness. Currently the most searched-for phrase that leads Googlers to my site is depressing lyrics, followed by Long Beach short bus lyrics and IB Sucks.

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