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March Came in First or Second for newkai.com

Unique Visitors: 8371 (New Record)
Number of Visits: 16561 (New Record)
Pages: 42243 (2nd Place)
Hits: 158933 (2nd Place)
Bandwidth: 3.05 GB (2nd Place)
Top Photo: DSC00059 from "Copenhagen I (Kai's Camera)" (32 Views, Pictured)
Top Countries: United States, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Brazil

March either broke records or came in second to them, thanks to a great increase in visitors that find my site through Google and new photos that were uploaded.

More and more visitors are getting to newkai.com through search engine results of my weblog. These visitors represent most of the current average of 115 per day.

For most-viewed photo, DSC02637 from "New Year's Eve", was finally unseated by DSC00059 from my spring break (numbering was reset due to camera repair).

The most visited sections of my website were AIS2002.COM, followed by my weblog, photos, KaiCams, and videos.

Google's index of my website increased slightly, from 724 to 733 pages. Currently the most searched-for phrase that leads Googlers to my site is depressing lyrics, followed by Long Beach short bus lyrics and 18th birthday party.


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