Being a "Leftover"

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From the day I arrived in Vienna, December 27, until last Sunday, I did not experience a night out that wasn't great. Just look at my photos from these nights. Unfortunately this all changed Sunday, when more than half of the people I knew here flew back to the U.S. or elsewhere. I guess a lot of colleges started back up Monday, while mine doesn't until next Monday.

Anyway, starting Sunday, my nights out have been pretty somber, probably because there aren't any more girls out! I guess I have to no realize that the end of this wonderful vacation is near. I went to my high school's alumni night tonight, which wasn't very well visited, probably because so many people who were here have left. Sometimes they schedule it before the start of the break, when many people haven't arrived yet, so I guess the best they can do is rotate from year to year.

I hope I can get something together for tomorrow night and/or Thursday night. I'll probably have to start recruiting early. My photo section will show the results!

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