Mostly Done

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Well, I got through last week, which means I am now nearly done with the semester. On Thursday I finally took the dreaded economics test, after studying at least eight hours for it. I easily answered almost every question, which made it all worthwhile. Unfortunately my previous results in that class weren't that great, so my final grade is not going to be nearly as good as that of my final test. Nevertheless, this 'A' was very necessary.

Right now I'm up early to finish some German response papers, which I will hand in to a secretary at ten this morning, so they can be express mailed to my professor, who is in Europe right now.

After that, I'll have one very important test left on Thursday, along with one more essay, due on Thursday.

Last Thursday was also presentation of my Boundaries in Syracuse class's group projects, on display in Downtown Syracuse. I will upload the photos soon to my photo section.

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