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When Roughly Translated...

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I'm about to go take my German midterm. The greatest challenge will be sitting in one of those cheap school-like chair/desk things for 80 minutes, because my rib pain is back. That's right, after a two month absence it's back to torture me.

Some of my classes are in rooms with nice cushioned chairs, but at least two have horrible chairs that put me into pain within minutes. I should probably go back to physical therapy.

Otherwise I suppose things are fine. There's a ton of stuff to do every week, and a lot of my weekend is spent at Target. But I guess the whole filled-up experience helps me learn time management.

I can't wait for the weekend, which starts in less than eight hours!

Bringing on the Heat

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It looks like fall is finally here. Last night I went to bed with my air-conditioning blasting, and this morning I considered turning on the heat.

My laptop's current status is "in transit to store." Seeing that transit doesn't happen on the weekend, I assume I'll be able to pick it up Monday. Then I get to begin the long process of downloading all my software again, and reconfiguring hundreds of settings. What joy that will be.

I hardly have a free minute this weekend. It really sucks. I am taking tests on Monday and Tuesday, and have two group projects to work on as well.

Fortunately this next week only consists of three days, thanks to Yom Kippur knocking out Thursday. Target hasn't scheduled me for work on Friday either, meaning I'll have two days (gasp) with no work or school!

How many times have you been told to back up your data? Here at SU's Kimmel Computer Lab there's even a 40-inch (102-centimeter) screen that tells you nothing else. But of course, just like death, a STD, or pregnancy, you think it can never happen to you!

Thursday afternoon I came back to apartment to find my PowerBook making nothing but a clicking noise. I drove straight to the nearest Apple store where the problem was diagnosed, my PowerBook was taken in, and I was told I'd never see my data again.

I'm only about to realize what I lost. Every day I remember about more and more files that were exclusively on that hard drive. I even had a 120GB external drive I could have backed some important data to, but I mainly used it for video files, which I had backed up on digital tape anyway!

In better news, the weather is still great! Woohoo!

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