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Conflict Resolution

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Having late classes is great, I'm not going to lie. But the downside is that this creates a lot more time conflicts, as people love scheduling non-class things during this time period.

Today I had to go to Syracuse's Park Avenue Neighborhood for a meeting with my group from my Boundaries in Syracuse class with neighborhood residents. To do this I had to leave one class early and skip the following one.

Monday and Wednesdays I have two classes, which fill up 3:45 until 6:35. Tuesdays and Thursdays are somewhat similar. I'm constantly receiving email invitations for guest lectures and receptions, but I can't go to any of these because of my classes.

And, Friday through Sunday my Target job loves messing with my plans. Last Saturday it was a football game, this weekend it might be Syracuse's Oktoberfest.

Anyway, tonight I'll be up for most of the night to get a paper done and to study for my economics test tomorrow. I can't wait for tomorrow night.

Page After Page

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I have a ton of writing to do this evening. It's going to be hell. But I want to have it done by midnight so I go out. I have to write some "journal entries" on international organizations. Yeah, tons of fun. My first one is going to be about the expansion of the UN Security Council. This ought to be fun...

Oh, and that photo is of me tossing my syllabus of that class away in disgust. One of my webcams happened to pick it up!

I'm a Criminal

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I received my first violation ever in United States today. I parked downtown with an expired inspection sticker (12 days behind) and received a $35 ticket. I had completely forgotten about getting the inspection done because I hardly ever use my car here. What a pain.

Then, racing back to campus up East Adams Street to get to my next class on time, I was almost hit head-on by some stupid driver who was driving against the one-way. What an afternoon.

A Minute's Break

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I'm actually ahead of schedule today! I just finished my economics homework a good twenty minutes ahead of schedule. The day is far over though. My economics class runs from 2:00 to 3:20. I then have to run back home to my car and race downtown, find a parking spot, and meet with my Urban Syracuse group at 3:45. I have to leave them 45 minutes later, at 4:30 to race back home and run to my 5:00 Beer and Wine Appreciation class.