Redheads Feel Less Pain

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Here's something random:

Apparently redheads feel less pain. Well, for now it at least seems that "redheaded mice" feel less pain. This was the result of a study at the Medical Research Council in London. The mice weren't redheaded of course, but they were injected with a morphine-like substance that apparently redheads produce. So apparently my body produces natural "morphine." Great!

Only problem... For some unknown reason, this only has an effect on redheaded women, which might be explained by the different ways men and women's brains function. However, you'll only find this in some of the articles below. The media can't seem to get its facts straight.

Another interesting fact:

"Seventy percent of redheads are redheads because a particular gene doesn't work" -Prof. Jeff Mogil of Montreal's McGill University

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bobby rubin said:

I have never read such useless research.A total waste of time and money.

um said:

um it was a test on animals. animals are not humans, we have a completely different make-up, even different from apes. so whatever tests are don on animals are no indication of what the results would be if done on humans

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