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mt-rebuild Script Shuts Down Site for Hours

At around 11:25 this morning I was attempting to reinstall and setup the mt-rebuild script for my weblog. It's useful because I run the MTOnThisDay plugin on this weblog (see right column on main page). In order for this plugin to work properly, I need to rebuild the main page once a day. For a couple of months I ran the mt-rebuild script without any problems. It was deleted when I had the whole upgrade problem to MovableType 3.2 Beta (See "23 Hours of Panic"). I guess mt-rebuild doesn't work with 3.2 Beta, as I was getting errors. My frequent attempt to fix these errors caused me to run the script multiple times, which is probably what got my account suspended.

The Lypha support team first told me it was from a possibly malicious script in my /tmp directory. It does appear that it was simply the mt-rebuild script though. In any case, I'll be manually refreshing my weblog until I can be certain that mt-rebuild or a similar script can run fine in cooperation with MT 3.2.

My greatest success of last night was getting the LiveJournal log in to finally work, with a minor alteration to the OpenMTLogin plugin's cgi file. Now if only more people would comment...


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What'd you have to change?

(I got the naive verify error trying to sign in with LiveJournal; I probably need to update the package with the newest Net::OpenID::Consumer.)

Hey, I described what I did to overcome the MD5Digest problem here. It has worked for me using a LJ user name.

Thanks a ton for the plugin. It's so great letting all my LJ friends sign in. I might add the OpenID part if I ever hear of anybody I know using it! How'd you do that comment switching javascript between the different sign in possibilities? That looks great.

Oh shit! This worked last night! All I did today was upgrade to the latest MT nightly (from yesterday's nightly). I don't get it.

Wow, this pisses me off so badly! I had it working last night. I just downgraded again, but that didn't help.

One thing I also did last night was upgrade the comment templates from what came with 3.17 to what's default in 3.2. Unfortunately I didn't keep backups of those.

Oh... Of course I should have doubled checked if it was a LJ issue. Seeing that it doesn't work on your site I am now relived. What a coincidence though that something changes in LJ land the day after I get the plugin to work on my site.

There's a new error this morning!

Could not discover claimed identity: url_fetch_error: Error fetching URL: Not Found

After updating to Net::OpenID::Consumer 0.12 I get:

You haven't defined a consumer_secret value or subref. at /home/newkaic/public_html/mt/plugins/openid-comment/lib/Net/OpenID/ClaimedIdentity.pm line 69

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