"No NYC 2012... What a Surprise!" or "Is Syracuse Neverland? Part III"

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Congratulations New York State, you screwed up again! Can anything ever come to fruition in New York State? Hardly. Even in New York City, which gets somewhere around 99 percent of our tax money, nothing actually happens. The Freedom Tower hasn't even been started yet!

A little quote from Wikipedia:

New York's legislature is notoriously dysfunctional. The Assembly has long been controlled by the Democrats, the Senate has long been controlled by the Republicans, and there is little change in membership election to election. From 1984 until 2005, no budget was passed on time, and for many years the legislature was unable to pass legislation for which there was supposed to be a consensus, such as reforming the so-called Rockefeller drug laws. In 2002, 16,892 bills were introduced in the New York legislature, more than twice as many as in the Illinois General Assembly, whose members are the second most prolific. Of those bills, only 4 percent, 693, actually became law, the lowest passing percentage in the country. In 2004 over 17,000 bills were introduced. New York's legislature also has more paid staff, 3,428 than any other legislature in the nation. Pennsylvania, whose staff is the second largest, only had 2,947, and California only 2,359. New York's legislature also has more committees than any other legislature in the nation.

Until last year, state senators and congressmen weren't even required to be present in Albany to vote!

Meanwhile in Upstate New York, in my wonderful City of Syracuse, a.k.a "Neverland" nothing is progressing at all. Here's a little sample:

DestiNY USA: This meanwhile 20-billion-dollar (no typo) project was first announced on April 30, 2000. To sum it up, nothing has happened. While I am one of the biggest supporters of the project, unfortunately the city, county, and state can't agree on anything. Supposedly steel has now been ordered to start building the first expansion to the Carousel Center.

In 2004 DestiNY also announced a research and development project. Unfortunately this is stalling on a weekly basis because a couple businesses don't want to move. These businesses include a truck stop and the only company in the United States that produces those feet-measuring devices you see at shoe stores.

The project also includes a monorail and, will basically turn Syracuse into a huge tourist destination. Unfortunately the New York State Government keeps postponing finance-su