Cops "Raid" Paddy's

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Yes, apparently bar raids due exist in Austria. But, as could be expected, they're a little more relaxed. In fact, no one even seemed to care. The cops checked a few people's IDs, but I don't even think they told anyone to leave, and everyone continued to drink and order throughout. Quite different from the "Operation Prevent" raids in Syracuse!

Apparently not much is going on tonight, as I'm staying home. Tomorrow night is already pretty much set, so it should be good.

It looks like I'm actually going to eat a real breakfast tomorrow! I'm usually too lazy to prepare something, so I just skip over it and wait for... Well... Dinner. Today I went to my local Magnet Supermarket and bought some "Real American Toast," some eggs, and some bacon. Finding proper bacon in Vienna is about as hard as finding a selfless girl in Syracuse! I went to the counter and saw some "breakfast bacon," and got some of that. But it's freshly cut and smells horribly strong. My entire refrigerator now reeks of bacon.

In other news, the apartment complex's washing machine is broken. I'm the only user, so I actually have to call the landlord up on Monday to have it fixed. I almost panicked yesterday when I went to retrieve my laundry but the machine hadn't drained the water and the door wouldn't open. Nearly all my essential laundry was in there, so I would have been really screwed. By moving the dial in tiny increments I was able to get it into the unlabeled "open door" position, so that I was able to open the door, which caused a massive waterfall, as it's a front-loading machine.

The next problem was my laundry was soaked. Fortunately, for some strange reason, there's an Austrian-built spinning machine in the laundry room. No dryer, just a machine that spins laundry at 1400 rpm, even faster than the washing machine. This machine vibrates all over the place though, so I basically had to hold it down the entire five minutes or so I let it run.

Yep, that's how I do laundry here.

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