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Ever since I got rid of the feature to let anyone quickly comment on my entries, which I did because I was getting thousands of spam comments, no one has posted in my comments section. I had changed it so that you had to sign up with TypeKey, which isn't too hard.

But apparently no one felt like doing that, so I have received no comments. But thanks to this new beta version of Movable Type 3.2, there might be a compromise. This beta has a junk sorter function, which, if set to the right level, might work pretty good. I've set it to a medium level, so I'll have to see how good it works.

Go ahead and test the comments feature, and leave a comment. If it doesn't show up, you've probably been classified as "junk," sorry. But that just means you're put into a waiting list and I'll eventually approve your message.

Update: This test failed. I even eventually set the junk sorter to its highest level, but it failed to even sort out one spam comment. Thus I'll have to go back to TypeKey-only commenting. I'll keep looking for any possible solutions in the future.

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Linda said:

You're a witty, brilliant writer. Hilarious.

Anyway, I'm commenting.

Honestly, I found your site by going to google images and looking up "Aleve."

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