Red Ink is Just Ink

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IB English Midterm at AIS Vienna
Evaluation of my 11th Grade English Midterm

Today, American society is going as far as banning teachers from using red ink when correcting their students work, as it is alleged to be hurtful to children's self worth:

"Red writing, they said, was 'stressful.' The principal said teachers were just giving constructive advice and the color of ink used to convey that message should not matter. But some parents could not let it go.

So the school put red on the blacklist. Blue and other colors are in" (Source: AP).

Come on! I saw nothing but red back in my primary and secondary school days, and I turned out fine. Kids today are not getting used to failure at a reasonable pace! They are pampered throughout their schooling, told that their "special" and "beautiful on the inside" until one day when they encounter the first teacher or professor that doesn't give a damn about them, when they receive a shock for life.

Purple and blue are now used, as they are seen as more soothing. As if "incorrect" sounds soothing in any color. Oh wait, "incorrect" isn't being used anymore either, as it has been deemed as too negative these days, and thus educators are being taught to use "constructive criticism," such as: "Very interesting! But may I suggest the possibility for you to entertain the thought of reading the book next time? This would improve your grade! Good effort!"

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David said:

Im not a big fan of odd confusing school policies either.

Anonymous said:

You know, I was never calling a person odd, but rather the actions of confusing policies, policy confusion goes against my political beliefs...and i really believe that The Dominus-Bagha Political Party knows how to handle a lot of these situations.

David said:

Im sorry, its just that whenever i see something i have the right ta post on, its just like its addictive, because unlike numerous patriots[usa], i dont feel like i have the civil liberties the government claims i have, and in my own life i even tend to get off of topic, but if a political military cant stop policy confusion, there's probably not much more that can
The Dominus-Bagha Political Party

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