Four Months into One Paragraph

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Not much has happened since last November... Or, I'm just lazy to write that much...

Over Christmas Break I just worked 40 hours a week at Target and mostly stayed in Syracuse. I took one week off from Christmas to New Year's to spend with my family down in Vestal.

Over Spring Break I flew over to Vienna and spent 10 days or so there. Vienna is not what it once was, but I still had a pretty good time.

This semester I've only been taking four classes (after dropping one). That hasn't made my life easy though. In fact, I should be studying right now for a damn Politics of Western Europe exam which is a real pain.

Spring is finally here, and today it reached 80°F (27°C) and it hasn't rained in over eleven days. I'm planning on studying in Vienna this summer, which should satisfy my Vienna addiction.

The SU Quad today. The yellow tape was some kind of architecture class's project/protest thing.

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