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Green Day Part II

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My random attempt at creating a collage of my ticket and confetti from the concert

This Wednesday, for the second time in six months, Gerry and I went to a Green Day concert, this time in Binghamton. The line there was insane, but Gerry and I cut into it about twenty feet from the door without a problem, which probably saved us a good 45 minutes.

Green Day Line.jpg
The line outside that we didn't wait in... Because we're too old for that junk!
(Copyright Press & Sun Bulletin)

The opening band was My Chemical Romance, which was pretty bad live, just as Sugercult and Newfound Glory had been in Rochester. Green Day was insane again though. Nothing like a good bruising a week before exams!

There were also a ton of reminders for me about how I'm slowly but surely becoming an old man. As I looked around I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that about half the people there were under the age of six when Dookie came out eleven years ago. While they were watching Lamb Chop's Play-Along I was sitting in the back of the elementary school bus yelling out the lyrics to "Longview" at the top of my lungs!

Yet now we were all smashing our bodies against each other to the tune of "Jesus of Suburbia."

Read the Press and Sun Bulletin article (PDF File)

I finally finished installing the pretty neat "On This Day" plug-in for Movable Type by Brad Choate. The plug-in itself was really easy to install, but I had trouble getting this main index to automatically rebuild itself every day so that it would always be up-to-date. I ended up using the "MT-Rebuild" script by Timothy Appnel. Thanks to some help on the MT Forums, I was able to get that to work, upon which I had to figure out the "crontab" command so that it would happen automatically. Luckily my host uses cPanelX, which has graphic controls over that function.

Anyway, the "On This Day" section is all set and is towards the bottom of the right column on this page. It'll probably make me even more sentimental about my past.

Depressing Weblog

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This past hour I got the "great" idea of back-archiving some of my old weblog entires that haven't made it to this site yet. I started webloging in December 2000 while at home in Vestal, New York for Christmas Break.

This weblog is probably one of my favorite parts of my "web conglomerate," but reading old entries is horribly depressing beyond belief. I browsed through some of my hundreds of entries and now I feel like crap.

My major problem back in my high school years is never realizing what I had when I had it. Even well into 2001, when in my junior year, I was still writing stupid junk like this:

"Vienna, a city of nearly two million inhabitants, is your average big city. You can get around easily, do a lot of things, but I miss the tranquillity of Vestal. The only reason I stay there is because I like the school better. I go to the American International School there." -April 20, 2001

The summer after my senior year, only a little more than a year later, I was filling my weblog with pages and pages of depression about no longer being in Vienna. I guess I could never have what I wanted.

Anyway, if you want to take a look at the old weblog entires, you can do so here. (It's a 713kb file, so be patient)

Is Syracuse Neverland?

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Today I read a quite funny article by Jeff Kramer, who writes a weekly humor column in the Post-Standard. This week he compared Syracuse to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, and managed to find over a dozen similarities.

Is Syracuse just another Neverland?

This past week Syracuse Police began teaming up with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department and the New York State Police to crack down on crime in Syracuse's worst neighborhoods, which has gotten horribly ridiculous.

Hardly a day passes without reading or hearing about shootings. Today I got to read about five people being injured Saturday in two separate shootings:

"Three teens were shot just after 2:30 p.m. when a shooter walked through a convenience store parking lot, firing off shot after shot in a spray that went in several directions." -The Post-Standard

Wonderful... And the closest-to-home incident in the past few months was last month's discovery of a body in the park at the end of my block.

Body found in Thornden Park

Thornden Park