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Well tonight was another great night. I had to work from 3:30-11 but got out at 10 because no one was shopping at all today. I had something like four or five items to shelve the entire time. Usually I get a cart an hour. I spent most of my time finding excuses to walk by the electronics department, or at least stand close to it, as my section boarders it. I don't see why Election Day is a national holiday anyway. Not that anyone cares about national holidays nowadays anyway. Luckily Target is closed Thanksgiving, which Walmart and Kmart can't claim.

I got out at ten and it was raining like hell. I got home in just time to see some Democratic party on TV at a local Holiday Inn. So Mike and I drove there and basically watched Kerry lose. Mike at least got a free gin tonic out of it. All I had were four cups of coffee, carrots, celery, and crackers. Now I have heartburn.

I was looking forward to anti-Kerry movies by Michael Moore though. Oh well.

Great... I've been up for over forty hours now... Time to get some sleep, although I feel like I could pull off some more.

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