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Two Fridays ago, Gerry and I drove to Rochester to see Green Day. It was great. Gerry had already sprained his arm the night before punching some kid, and then at the concert he lost a shoe and had his toes crushed! But it's all worth it for Green Day. My already-cracked watch band ripped while moshing, causing me to temporally lose my watch. But luckily I found it shortly after on the ground. With a little Brasso it's like new again! Brasso is great for removing scratches on plastic. Now I just can't get a new band for it because only Swatch shops sell them, and the closest ones are in like New York City and Providence.

Not much is going on around college right now. Classrooms all reek of some nasty, sticky, rotting fruit smell from some kind of tree that drops these horrible fruits, one of which perfectly drops its collection over a main path. These then stick to peoples shoes and the juice ends up being deposited all over the carpets of classrooms. Hopefully it will be over soon.

I had a pretty long day of work at Target today. My shift was from eight to 4:30. I got up at six and went to the 24-hour Dunkin Donuts down the street. The highlight of my shift was a spew-and-run incident, at about 8:15, where a guest vomited a twenty-foot path on the floor and then ditched the cart, also covered with puke, in an aisle. I had just returned from learning how to do something new when I noticed a funky smell in my department. It took two bags of our dehydration powder to solidify the mess.

Otherwise the day was pretty uneventful. People have now decided to start purchasing Christmas items, and Sundays are always the first day that items go on sale, so I had to get a ton of items from the backroom. Fortunately I was taught how to type/scan in an exception bin, which basically allows me to walk around my department and scan all the low and empty items, and then a request is sent to the backroom and they bring me out a bin with those items.

When I got home I went to sleep for about two hours. Its great how it always seems much longer. Overall Ive decided that I actually like working during the day better than at night.

Anyway, that would be it for now.

Screw Politics

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Well tonight was another great night. I had to work from 3:30-11 but got out at 10 because no one was shopping at all today. I had something like four or five items to shelve the entire time. Usually I get a cart an hour. I spent most of my time finding excuses to walk by the electronics department, or at least stand close to it, as my section boarders it. I don't see why Election Day is a national holiday anyway. Not that anyone cares about national holidays nowadays anyway. Luckily Target is closed Thanksgiving, which Walmart and Kmart can't claim.

I got out at ten and it was raining like hell. I got home in just time to see some Democratic party on TV at a local Holiday Inn. So Mike and I drove there and basically watched Kerry lose. Mike at least got a free gin tonic out of it. All I had were four cups of coffee, carrots, celery, and crackers. Now I have heartburn.

I was looking forward to anti-Kerry movies by Michael Moore though. Oh well.

Great... I've been up for over forty hours now... Time to get some sleep, although I feel like I could pull off some more.

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