Finally Employed

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Once again I sort of neglected my weblog. But once again that's because nothing special happened until this week, when I finally became employed. That's right, after probably fifty applications and/or letters in the last three years, someone actually hired me, namely Target. I have an orientation session next Wednesday and will hopefully begin working soon after that.

My classes are going pretty good. Luckily most of them are essay-only classes, which I like a lot better than classes where I have to worry about a test for daily. I do have one class like that though, PSC 124: International Relations. My professor has some kind of fraction that he puts into a random number generator to find out if there will be a quiz that day. Seeing that I have that class three times a week, either in lecture or recitation form, I have to worry about a quiz three out of the four class days a week, which is pretty stressful.

Two of my classes this semester are for my German major. One compares Zen Buddhism with German literature, and the other is a film class.

I guess that would be all for now.

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