Time for an Update Again

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It's only been about two weeks since I last updated this... But anyway...

Last weekend started on a sad note, as I spent Thursday and Friday in Germany for my grandmother's funeral. It was the first funeral I attended since my grandfather on my dad's side passed away in 1987.

Saturday night I went to Cat's party, which was incredibly great. Sunday night Kerstin had a great pool party.

Other than that, the week was mainly work... I'm so sick of having to get up at 5:45 every morning, but it's only four more days.

Friday night I met up with Stani and we went to Merry Monk and Lukas. I ended up talking to a girl I had randomly started talking to over spring break (she recognized me). At three or so Stephan showed up and we stayed there until 4:15, upon which I took the last night bus home, the one that kicks me off a stop early and has an announcement telling me to "transfer to the daytime lines." That announcement is always a slap in the face to me, telling me that I was out too late.

Last night I hung out with Oliver and his friend Consti. We went to the FM4 radio station studio and hung out with one of their friends who was doing this nice rap with rock background stuff on his show, which is called "Digital Konfusion."

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