Two Nights, Cable Internet

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Tuesday night I hung out at Barbaro with a bunch of people. I talked to this Austrian girl who not only knew where Syracuse is but that we have a great basketball team. That was a surprise.

Last night I met up with Kerstin and Thorsten and we went to a total of three places in the 19th. It was pretty fun. Andrej, Stani, and Atanas ended up joining us.

Today I finally got cable internet. Seeing that the internet is essentially my life, this addition is great. The installer guy was really cool too. He's like the kind of guy that gives you all the TV channels for free, and then says "I didn't do it! I don't know you, OK?" He fooled around with my dad's PC so that it now has the same ethernet ID as my Powerbook, so that he can use the connection too. Because the company here wants to make you pay extra for activating additional computers.

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