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I've been at my dad's office a few hours today... Mainly so I can use some T3 internet. We're getting cable internet installed at home in like eight days, which will be great.

I've just spent over an hour back-archiving my weblog. Sad thing is I only managed to finish a week's worth. I posted so much in August, 2002, that it's taking me forever. Not to mention a lot of my posts back then were pretty depressing, so they are depressing me right now again. That happens to me every time I read my weblog entries from months/years ago. Even if the entries were positive, they depress me because I look back fondly at those years!

Anyway, I'm done with that for today. I'm back to August 18, 2002... My first entry was December 29, 2000, so I still have a long way to go! When I get done I want to publish it as a book... It'll probably be over 500 pages, especially since by the time I get done back-archiving I'll probably have another year's worth of new entries!

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