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Quite the Idiot Part II

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Once again I'm quite the idiot. I somehow lost the keys to the security lock of my laptop. Yeah, it sort of sucks, seeing that my computer is attached to my desk now. The good news, the lock company is sending me new ones for free. The bad news, it takes 7-10 days, so they might not get here until after I have to move out, which would really suck.

My first two exams are Friday. They are economics and human sex. The first one will be hell and the second one will be easy. Tomorrow I'm working for my video job in Rochester starting at six in the morning. When I get back around three I get to study my ass off. Yep, it's going to tons of fun.

Quite the Idiot

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Wow, I'm quite the idiot. Long Beach Shortbus a "Sublime successor band" that has Eric of Sublime in it was in Utica on Friday... 40 minutes away! 40 friggin' minutes away! And I just happened to see that. Wow... I'm quite the idiot.

Wyclef at the Dome

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I went to what was quite possibly the best concert I've gone to in my life tonight. It was Northern State, Da Band, Talib Kweli, and most importantly Wyclef.

I actually thought the entire thing was pretty damn good until Wyclef's turn came at the end, and suddenly everyone else seemed significantly worse. Wyclef did everything from his own material to Ludacris, and even Elvis. It was insane. And he made sure that we knew he wanted us to smoke marijuana and he expressed his political views right at the beginning: "I like John Kerry but fuck George Bush!"

Boring Weekend

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The weekend has been pretty boring. I haven't been going out, hoping that this will improve me academically. This next week-and-a-half is going to be hell. Today I went to the mall quickly so Gerry could pick up a tux. Then I went across the street from my residence hall to the "Comstock Carnival." It was pretty boring.

In other news, bleach does absolutely nothing to get rid of stains! I just washed my white socks and pants with hot water, detergent, and bleach and the stains hardly changed.

Now I'm going to go to the library to see if I can get any work done. Tomorrow I'm going home for the day. For those of you who don't know, it's only an hour-and-change away, so it's not a big deal.

Same Deal + More

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Not much has changed since my last entry. The weather is still nice, and I still have tons of junk to do. I have to study and take exams starting next week, still find a job in Austria and book my flights, finish up my housing deal since I'm going to live an apartment with friends next semester, do some homework, and still do my work-study jobs.

Sometimes I feel like I need to revaluate my life. That would be right now. For some reason I have just failed two tests in a row in the so-called "easiest class on campus." It's an introduction to statistics class. It seems real easy but I guess I just keep underestimating it or overestimating myself, or both. In any case, I need to get my act together and work like hell these next two or so weeks.

The weather's great in Syracuse again, and it's pretty warm too, which at least doesn't make my surroundings depressing.

Change Clothes

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My basement is a forest of hanging t-shirts. For some reason I went through something like seventeen shirts in twelve days. Oh well, doesn't cost me a penny to do laundry at home.

It was a boring Saturday, pretty much. Last night I guess someone threw oranges at my house. Either they hate SU, me, or had nothing better to do. Yeah... That would be about it.

Home for the Weekend

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SU calls it "Easter Break," I call it a three-day weekend, but in any case I'm at home until Sunday night. It's kind of boring but busy. Today a plumber came and some strange people who fixed some rain gutters. Then I had to drive my mom back from Kost Tire. Then we went drove to Owego and then back to Kost, which had ordered the wrong tires for at least the second time in a row.

That reminds me I want to go wash my car. I hope I have time before dinner.

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