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Yeah, soĶ Two nights ago I took public downtown for once but nothing really was going on. I ended up meeting up with Thorsten, Oliver, Daniel, and a bunch of other people and going to Lukas and then Paddys. Daniel and I ended up stay until around two.

Last night I met Ardi at Merry Monk. I also met his friend Liz whos from Syracuse, which is really cool. We went on to Paddys via Lukas and left shortly after midnight.

In other news, I got a job as a babysitter / English tutor and Im going to Germany this weekend to visit my grandparents.

Stayed Home

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I actually stayed home tonight because nothing was going on. I did some web site work instead. My rib area still hurts and I'm starting to become a pain reliever junkie.

Average Night

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It was an average night tonight. I played some pool at K in Heiligenstadt with Oliver and Thorsten, went to Lukas and met up with Thomas, Jakob, Mirali, and Daniel, and then went to some outdoor thing where we met Lukas.

My rib pain thing is hurting more than ever right now despite the fact that I'm on anti-inflammatories. I might as well take some Bayer PM and get some sleep.

Prom 4

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Last night was kind of a disappointment. I ended up not following through on my statement after prom last year:

I went to my former high schools prom Saturday night. It was fun as usual, although it was most definitely my last one!
Weblog entry from May 26, 2003

I met Thorsten at Bermudabru around ten, and we crashed prom at about 11:30. This was probably the best part of my night. It was fun talking to people I havent talked to in awhile.

I drove some people who got into the elevator with me to Scotch Bar, where I bought a cover charge ticket off somebody for Ǩ5 instead of the Ǩ10 I would have had to pay otherwise. I ended up having to buy a drink because they make you, but otherwise it was a cheap night.

Let me get a few things straight:

1) I dont dance, period. Slow dance maybe, but nothing where I have to do too much with my feet.
2) I hate clubs that have loud music because I cant have a conversation with anyone. And since I dont dance, and since I didnt have anyone to make out with, it was quite boring.
3) I dont get the whole stay out until four in the morning thing. All right, prom night maybe, but it seems to me Im doing it every night because my friends dont meet up with me until midnight. Why not go out at nine and stay until two?

Anyway, at around 3:30 I left Scotch with Kenneth and a few other people and we drove to Lukas, where we stayed until nearly five. Then I drove Daniel, Kenneth, and Lukas home and then drove home myself.

Ive been to four proms now (all mentioned in my weblog), and three after parties (last year I just drove a few friends home), and all three of those parties have been horrible. Probably because I dont dance and I cant lead a conversation at them. Then again, I have found that even at quiet places such as Lukas I dont talk much.

So it was a disappointing night. I have a lot of junk to deal with today (bills, petitions, job applications, removing viruses from my dads laptop), and I was really hoping last night would be special. Unfortunately it wasnt.

Pretty Good Start

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I got home a little early tonight, which lets me keep this thing up to dateĶ

Last night was a pretty good night. There were at least 20 people I knew at Lukas, spanning like five years in age, from the class of 2001 to like the class of 2006. I sat there for like six hours talking to lots of different people, so I guess it was a success.

Tonight was a different storyĶ No one was out. Well, a few people were but it was nothing like last night. It was still worth it though, so Im not complaining.

I have high hopes for this upcoming nightĶ I hope Im not disappointed.

In Vienna Again

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Well, Im in Vienna now. I guess I got to write about the past few days, soĶ

Saturday I went to Six Flags Great Adventure with Sergey. The rides were pretty good, but we had no luck whatsoever. First of all I had forgotten that it was a Saturday and had thought there would be no line because kids are still in school. The park was crowded beyond belief.

The first rollercoaster we got in line for, the Batman Chiller had a sign that said 45 minute wait. When we finally got to about fourth or so in line we were told the ride was having some technical difficulties and that we could wait or leave the way [we] came in. Wed hear that line a lot that day. After about twenty minutes we decided to try something else. It turns out that it never reopened that day. Some park guy told me later that that ride has been acting up lately.

We tried another Batman ride, which also shut down for a short bit but then reopened. Afterwards we rode some in-the-dark ride, which wasnt worth the wait at all. We then rode the cable car system to the other end of the park where we got in line for some modern coaster.

This was the worst experience yet. We waited for at least an hour, if not longer. The ride itself was probably the best of the day.