Hooters in Syracuse

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Syracuse Carousel Center Hooters
Syracuse Carousel Center Hooters (Photo by "Bob")

Remember when I told you how nasty the Hooters in Vienna was? (Link to Entry) Tonight I actually went to a decent Hooters in the Carousel Center here in Syracuse. They had $7.99 all-you-can-eat wings, so my suitemate Mike and I had something like thirty each. That's not bad considering it was our second dinner! Plus the lighting was actually nice, it was full, and didn't look sketchy... Unlike the Hooters in Vienna (Link to Entry).

Speaking of Vienna, I guess there's another Hooters in Vienna that still exists. It's in the fifth district and claims to be the first Hooters in Vienna. Their website has a September 2003 calendar up, so it's still there. They are not mentioned on the official Hooters web site which sort of makes them questionable, but their web site is at hooters.co.at as opposed to the sketchy first district Hooters which has its web site at hooters.at. I'm going to check it out the next time I'm in Vienna.

Oh, and Chris Rock... We did go to Hooters for wings!

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