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Boring Weekend at SU?

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I hate to say it, but this weekend has been quite boring. I guess it's because all the frats are pledging people right now, so they don't have time to party. And floor parties were nonexistent this weekend as well, because most people were pledging.

Even worse, this process is going to go on for another five weeks or so! Wow, this could suck.

Anyway, Friday night I watched TV late into the night by myself. That was fun. And last night I talked online until after five in the morning.

I haven't done anything today.

Psyched During Psych

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So last night I went to bed by one, and was all well rested this morning. I even went to have breakfast at a dining hall for the first time all semester. I then went to my psychology test, sat down, and was immediately was hit by insane tiredness! I think I was still able to fight my way through it pretty well and after like an hour I woke up again to a full state of consciousness. I nearly took the entire allocated eighty minutes to answer the one hundred multiple choice questions, but I got it done! Weeeeew! Now I just I have to sit... I mean stand through a three-hour chemistry lab! Awesome!

Two Tests

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Not too much is ever new these days. I have a linguistics test today and a psychology test tomorrow. That'll be fun.

I had a pretty fun weekend and I have a roommate now. That would be about it.

Hooters in Syracuse

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Syracuse Carousel Center Hooters
Syracuse Carousel Center Hooters (Photo by "Bob")

Remember when I told you how nasty the Hooters in Vienna was? (Link to Entry) Tonight I actually went to a decent Hooters in the Carousel Center here in Syracuse. They had $7.99 all-you-can-eat wings, so my suitemate Mike and I had something like thirty each. That's not bad considering it was our second dinner! Plus the lighting was actually nice, it was full, and didn't look sketchy... Unlike the Hooters in Vienna (Link to Entry).

Speaking of Vienna, I guess there's another Hooters in Vienna that still exists. It's in the fifth district and claims to be the first Hooters in Vienna. Their website has a September 2003 calendar up, so it's still there. They are not mentioned on the official Hooters web site which sort of makes them questionable, but their web site is at as opposed to the sketchy first district Hooters which has its web site at I'm going to check it out the next time I'm in Vienna.

Oh, and Chris Rock... We did go to Hooters for wings!

V.I.P. Parking

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The great news of the week is that I got a call yesterday from Parking Services informing me that I got into the garage I wanted (I was on the waiting list and using a garage a ten-minute walk away). Booth Garage is diagonally across from my residence hall so that rules.

For some reason I am tired as hell today. I'm on my third cup of Gevalia Stockholm Roast and nothing seems to be happening up there. No matter what I do, I know that I'm going to drift off tonight during my psychology discussion class that's from 7:00 to 8:20. I don't get it... I slept for like eight hours last night.

Wrong Page

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Well it turns out that I had looked on the wrong page of my planner thing and that two of those exams aren't until next week and one of them is Friday. That's much better.

At Home

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I'm at home in Vestal for the weekend. Today I took "doing nothing" to an extreme and didn't even get dressed until seven in the evening! Yeah... Also, I've gotten so used to staying up late that I do it here as well even though nothing is going on at all.

This week I have tons of work due and have like two or three exams. Great!

Eight Hours

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Now it has been nearly eight hours since I "began working." I haven't achieved much since the last entry. Maybe I'll achieve some sleep...

Five Hours

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All right, It's now nearly one in the morning and I have yet to do all my work for today. What I don't get is how I could sit down at eight this past evening and do absolutely nothing for five hours. Five hours!

It's not like I was unproductive... I did read one short story for my writing class. Too bad I still have to write an abstract on it and then fix up two abstracts, write another abstract, and then pick a photo for some project that I guess we're going to do in class today.

Not to mention I have five classes today... Five! With the lack of sleep tonight this is going to be one hellish day!

I'm also on my second large Dunkin' Donuts coffee, which I just picked up across the street. The great thing is that the first one was such a waste because, even though it kept me awake, I didn't achieve anything at all during this time.

Thankfully I have my own room and can do whatever the hell I want all night without annoying anyone! That's right, I can listen to horribly loud Quindlen Shoals and Pix Lips music (I had to throw that in because Mark and Emil are about the only people that read my weblog) all night long without anyone complaining! Oh, I also just listened to a few Unlike You tracks I downloaded a long time ago from the Vienna Punk Festival Compilation. Sadly that band is now defunct. There, how's that for praise? All those html tags just set me back another ten minutes in getting my work done!

Party + Party + Party = Work Pileup

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Thursday night I partied. Friday night I partied. Saturday night I partied. Today I worked like hell. Yep, welcome to the method I and billions of other people around the world use to get work done!

Thursday night I partied in my suite, Friday night I partied with the 3DZ crew at UC (last year's college), and last night I partied down the hall. It was a fun weekend.

Now I'm going to sleep for five hours and then do some more work! Weeew!

Sleeping In

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Not much is new at all...

The weekend was fun, I had five classes this past day, and I'm going to sleep as long as I want right now because I have no classes on Thursdays! Weeew!

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