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Syracuse Trip

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I went to Syracuse yesterday with ESP and JSP÷ I showed them the university, downtown, and every shoe store at Carousel! Yeah, was tons of fun! Anyway, I'm starting my phonebook job today. Hopefully I'll get a better route than Powderhouse Road! Gah÷ I got paid like $18 for that and it took me two days! I want some downtown Binghamton route where I get to deliver twenty books per building in less than five minutes and make $100 plus dollars.

Bought a Car!

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Great, I guess I decided to have an eighteen-day posting dry spell! Well, I'm just enjoying a typical Vestal summer, hence no posts, because nothing ever happens! I've been sitting around the house all day and chilling with ESP and JSP at night. I did buy a car though! A 2000 Saturn SL2!

I bought it out at Simmons-Rockwell in Big Flats by Elmira. I got a great deal on it. It's completely loaded and only has 12,000 miles on it, and it only cost $6,999. I've been spending the last week learning how to drive the thing, because it has stick shift, and I've had to learn that. All right, I guess that's it for now.

Back in Vestal

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All right, time to update this thing÷ What's there to say? I flew back on the worst day to travel all summer÷ Thursday, which was the day before Independence Day. It took nearly six hours to get home from JFK instead of the usual four or so. The next day I picked up my dad at the Philly Airport. No one was on the road and therefore it took me only about two hours and forty minutes.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing except launch the new "KaiCam" which right now shows what I'm doing on my computer and tomorrow it'll show me too, if my webcam arrives. Today I tweaked it a bit and updated the newkai.com main page.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that before I flew back I had one last fun night with my friends in Vienna. I got like two hours of sleep that night, which caused me to drift into short bursts of sleep on the plane and on the car ride home. They're horrible, I always have the weirdest nightmares and then I wake up in a jolt and whoever's around me always gives me a "what the hell?" look.

Leaving Vienna

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Today has been a horribly depressing day. ItĖs my last day and it is just horrible. ItĖs the whole indefiniteness of when IĖll see people again thatĖs just getting to me. I just came back from saying goodbye to one of my friends. SheĖs moving to Sweden so who the hell knows when IĖll see her again. Gah÷ Well I got to get my mind on other things÷ Like packing÷ Shit, I have so much to do in the next three hours before I leave for a party. ItĖs one horribly sad day.

Massive Partying

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Yeah, yeah, IĖve been lazy again...

Saturday night was one of the better nights out. I could write for ages but IĖll just send you to my pictures site, where you can see 60 pictures (Shiraz and Charlie P's). According to that one saying, that'd be 60,000 words.

Sunday night I met up with Natalie, Stani, and StaniĖs friend Phillip at BillyĖs. We watched some soccer game and then Natalie, Phillip, and I went to the Loos American Bar downtown. We didnĖt stay very long and ended up going to GeraldĖs house party for about an hour.

Monday night Natalie and I met up with Ardi at Che, after which we went to Rock Pub and then to Lukas.

This past night Stani and I went to BillyĖs and then met up with Daniel and went to PaddyĖs.

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