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The WīŋŊrstelstand

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Once again I did absolutely nothing during the day yesterday. I did eat lunch at the Maurer WŊrstelstand down the street from me, where this Austrian guy kept talking to me about his day in hardcore Viennese dialect, so that I only understood about half he was saying. I just stood there and ate hoping he wouldnĖt ask me anything.

At night I picked up Kimmie and we drove to BillyĖs, where we sat around for an hour or two, after which we picked up Kerstin and Natalie with Daniel, who had joined us. We then went to Lukas (this is getting old!) and sat around a bit. Then Natalie and I went to KerstinĖs house for another one of her great house parties. I fell asleep during some movie and woke up around 3:15, after which I drove Natalie home and then went home myself and went to sleep.

Today I got up at around eleven, sat around a bit, and now IĖm at my dadĖs office to use his T3 internet. Tonight IĖm probably going to end up at Lukas again÷

Last Week in Vienna

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I did almost nothing yesterday during the day except for tank up, wash, and vacuum the car. At nine I met Kerstin and Natalie at KerstinĖs house after a horribly aggravating ride up Hņhenstraœe, where I drove in a line of around twenty cars because some idiot was going like half the speed limit.

Anyway, we picked up Kimmie and went to Merry Monk. I ordered food there, and after awhile, Thorsten, Andrej, Pat, and K-ta showed up. After another hour or two we went to Lukas for a few hours. Then Kerstin, Thorsten, Pat, and I dropped Natalie off at her house and then went to KerstinĖs house and sat around and talked until around four.

IĖm in my last week here now.

Webster's to Billy's

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Tonight I drove over to WebsterĖs and picked Thorsten up. Then we dropped off two of his friends and went to BillyĖs, where I stayed about an hour or so while he went somewhere else. Then I went up to Charlie PĖs for about five minutes, and that was about it.

A Week In One Entry!

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When I came home last night I was going to update this weblog with the events of the entire last week, but then I realized I had forgotten most of it. So, after piecing things together I now actually remember.

LetĖs see÷ Wednesday night I picked up Thorsten downtown, and after a quick stop at BillyĖs and an even shorter stop at Lukas we drove to the Millennium City entertainment complex and played pool with Kerstin, Natalie, and Pat. Then I dropped Thorsten off at his house and went to the ĪCircle of TreesĶ (some place in the middle of nowhere overlooking Vienna) with Kerstin and Natalie. We sat around there awhile and then I dropped them both off at NatalieĖs house.

Thursday night I chilled with Thorsten and his college friends at a dorm at Webster University, which is an English-speaking university here in Vienna. Around midnight we went to Donauinselfest, which was a four-day festival on the horribly long island that splits the actually Danube and the New Danube, which is a fake river that was dug for flood control. Anyway this annual festival is free and the largest open-air festival in Europe. We hung around there until two or so and then went home.

Friday I know I ended up being at Lukas with Thorsten, Daniel, and Natalie. I guess I was at BillyĖs before that.

Saturday I ended up being at Lukas with Natalie and Daniel, and then we went to DanielĖs house.

Sunday night I took public and went to BillyĖs where a few of my friends were at. One of my friends' friend is a U.S. Marine, and he took us tođthe bar on their compound. I didnĖt even know there are U.S. Marines here, but I guess there are seventeen to protect the U.S. Embassy.

Monday night started at Aristo with Natalie, Kerstin, Kimmie, and Pat. Thorsten joined in later on the way to Lukas, where we stayed pretty late.

And finally, last night Kerstin had a miniature house party at her house, and I hung out with her, Natalie, Kimmie, and Thorsten. Around midnight we went to McDonalds and then we went home.

I have pictures from the last two nights up on my pictures site.


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I havenĖt died yet, IĖve just been too lazy to post anything. And it gets worse after I skip a few day because then I know I have to write about several days and that just makes me lazier. And now I have to go somewhere so IĖm not writing any more now.


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I'm still waiting to find out what's going on tonight... Gah...

I went to Midas today. They took three hours and charged more than the car is worth, but now my brakes don't make funny noises anymore.

Flying in the Night

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