Last Week in Vienna

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I did almost nothing yesterday during the day except for tank up, wash, and vacuum the car. At nine I met Kerstin and Natalie at Kerstin╠s house after a horribly aggravating ride up H˝henstraťe, where I drove in a line of around twenty cars because some idiot was going like half the speed limit.

Anyway, we picked up Kimmie and went to Merry Monk. I ordered food there, and after awhile, Thorsten, Andrej, Pat, and K-ta showed up. After another hour or two we went to Lukas for a few hours. Then Kerstin, Thorsten, Pat, and I dropped Natalie off at her house and then went to Kerstin╠s house and sat around and talked until around four.

I╠m in my last week here now.

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