Carrier's Untouched Market

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It╠s still hot as hell here! I can╠t take it anymore! The heat just makes me horribly lazy and I end up sitting around all day doing nothing as hell. Seriously, Carrier should start marketing air conditioning here. Everyone╠s horribly rich yet no one has it.

Anyway, last night I met like eleven or twelve friends from my class at Paddy╠s. That was pretty fun. It ended up being another alumni party. Today╠s Friday, so tonight should be tons of fun. My parents are gone¸ You know what that means¸ House party! Not at all actually, considering the fact I live far away from everybody. I╠m just going to go downtown and see what happens.

Oh, I love how Smirnoff Ice is labeled as ¤flavored beerË in the States. Here it╠s labeled as a ¤vodka mixed drinkË or more specifically as ¤Smirnoff Vodka with the refreshing taste of the lemon.Ë I hate it anyway.


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