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At the Library

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Yeah, so yesterday I got one of those library fine notices for about the third or fourth time. A lousy $4.75 is what they want from me! Included was also a little yellow card that read: "Library fines not resolved in 15 days will be referred to the Business Office." It's obvious that their desired effect is that I feel threatened, and decide to pay up. I went to the library and basically told them that I got the same notice a month ago, and the fine still hadn't been moved to the business office, and that I was getting impatient for it to do so. This stunned them, and I just walked out.

Class Registration

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Great, I just registered for my classes in case I go here next year. Registration is always such a hassle here. All the classes of any significance are quickly filled within hours of the start of pre-registration. I somehow managed to get something together. Now I'm tired and don't feel like doing anything.

Vienna Trip III Booked

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Damn, I haven't updated this in awhile once again! Oh well, there's nothing really new. I booked my Vienna tickets though. I'm leaving May 14 and returning July 3... It'll be ton of fun. But before I'm out of here I still got to write like 20 pages of essays and take a final.

A Weekend Off

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I've had it! I'm going home this weekend! At 3:15 tomorrow afternoon I'm out of here! I need a weekend off, seriously. Two weekends actually... I'm going home the weekend after that too.

Almost There

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This weekend was all about the Syracuse / Texas game, which Syracuse won. Here is a picture that says it all:

Warrick Rubbing It In!

Today I have one class at two. Otherwise I'm writing up an English Essay, as well as doing chemistry and history homework. Tonight's the final game against Kansas at around 9:20pm ET on CBS.

Going Commando

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I had a good deal of my laundry stolen yesterday! Yeah, I did three loads of laundry, and then sorted out what I wanted to put in the dryer. I don't put my t-shirts in there because they shrink and the plastic designs on them crack up. But I put about three pairs of pants, a pair of gym shorts, my workout t-shirt, and all my socks and boxers in there. This was at about 1:30. I had class at two, so I went back down around 3:30 to pick up my laundry. All the dryers were empty. I went upstairs to the Residence Life Office, and our director of Residence Life told me to file a report with Campus Safety.

Great, so I now only have two pairs of boxers, about three pairs of socks (no normal socks at all), and one pair of decent pants left. I still have all my shirts though, because, like I said, I didn't put them in the dryer. I'm still hoping someone took my laundry by accident (e.g. Their friend asked them to pick up their laundry and they took the wrong load), because I don't see how anyone would want my boxers, seeing that some of them are around seven years old. I could see how someone would want to steal the pants, but wouldn't they leave the other stuff in there?

Tonight is the big Syracuse vs. Texas Final Four Game in New Orleans. Tip-off is around 8:45, and it's on CBS.

Vienna Trip II

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Let me tell you, I've been completely dunked into college stress again... But you know what? It's Tuesday tonight! Tomorrow's Wednesday, and I ain't got shit to do! Yeah, I have no classes Wednesday, which allows me to be all chilled out. I just got back from the gym and the sauna, and let me tell you, I feel like a new man! Weeeew!

Anyway, so I now have the task of describing my entire Vienna Trip! Awesome! So, I flew out Wednesday the 12th from Syracuse. I transferred at JFK and had a pretty good flight over the ocean to Austria, aided by the low load-factors in aviation these days, I had a seat next to me free on a window side, so I had a pretty good sleep. I also watched a movie or two, although I don't remember what I saw. I arrived in Vienna the next morning around 10 o'clock local time, and took one of those fixed-rate airport services to my dad's apartment, where I immediately fired up the computer. I had the horrible idea of doing some anthropology homework, which led to having about three lines of legible text followed by no less than 1084 pages of the letter "f" by the time I woke up again. I guess I decided it was time for a real nap, so I slept for around two hours, after which I drove to my dad's office and met my dad, upon which I hung out for a few hours there before we drove home about seven or so. I went to sleep pretty early because I wanted to visit my former high school the next morning.

And that's exactly what I did the next morning! I drove up to the school, and since this was before the Iraq War started I simply walked in through the Elementary school without anyone saying anything. Then after shaking tons of hands and kissing tons of girls' cheeks I went home and waiting for it to get dark so I could once again experience the wild Viennese nightlife.

Last-Minute Homework

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Great, I've been back from Austria for over a week and still haven't posted anything! I'm horribly lazy! Right now I just printed out the Sparknotes for the reading I was supposed to do for English, and later this morning I'm using the index of the 364-page book I was supposed to read to do my history homework! Yep! Anyway, this evening I hope I'll get to posting juicy details about my Vienna trip!

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