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All Set for Vienna Trip II

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Well I confirmed that my flight to is taking place next Wednesday! That's always good... I can't wait to get rid of this horrible stress for a while. Take this for example: I have another exam on the entire periodic table tomorrow. I suck at memorizing though. That's sort of a problem when there are 109 elements I need to know... in order! My HIS 155 class, which was a five-week class, is finally over. That class was hell because the book I chose to basically get the entire course's grades on was nearly impossible to work with. It's also nice that my first class is now at 2:00 on Monday and Friday. Combined with the fact that I have no classes on Wednesdays and no extremely early classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm pretty happy. Now if I could only memorize this damn table!

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