36 Hours of Hell

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Wow, this semester has been absolute hell! Since I neither have the time or the ambition to describe everything I've done since I got back to college, I'll just give you an example by using last Sunday night and Monday:


1 pm: I realize that I still have four philosophy essays to read, upon which I have to write three pages each on them. I begin writing.

6 pm: I go eat dinner with my friends.

7 pm: Distractions prevent me from writing too much.

9 pm: I finally get back into the full swing of things, and try to understand Plato. I fail.


1:40 am: Dave goes to bed.

2:30 am: I finish my first essay.

5:30 am: I finish my second essay.

8:30 am: I finish my third essay. I begin researching for my HIS 155 homework.

9:00 am: I realize I'm pretty damn screwed because there are no book reviews on the book I chose to read for HIS 155. My assignment was to find two book reviews on the book I chose.

9:15 am: I hit the shower and the sink.

9:45 am: I sit back down and my mind, which is somehow still semi-awake thanks to the ten cups of coffee consumed during the past twelve hours, struggles to write some more philosophy.

10:15 am: I realize that I have signed up to give blood in half-an-hour.

10:25 am: I leave for Strebel to give blood.

10:45 am: Tired as I am, I am interrogated on my history to help determine how good my blood is. I have been up for 24 hours.

11:00 am: I lye down on a makeshift bed and have a pint (about half-a-liter) of blood seep out of me.

11:10 am: I am told to slowly get up and am ordered to drink two bags of Capri-Sun and eat some of the goodies provided.

11:20 am: I make my way back to my room. Upon arriving at my room I try to write more philosophy, but my caffeine-shot-up, blood drained body won't co-operate. My head random falls towards my book as it tries to go to sleep.

12:20 am: I leave for History 155, in which I sadly report my lack of book reviews, which the professor seems to accept.

1:20 pm: My professor ends class early, and I walk to Strebel to do some last-minute typing. However, the lab there is jam-packed, mostly by people AIMing, even video chatting, which is a joke on our over-loaded T1 lines. I run into my friends and decide that I better eat some lunch with them.

2:00 pm: Philosophy begins and I sit there and try to stay awake. At the end of class I turn in what I have.

3:10 pm: Class is over and I return to my room and fall into bed. I get my first sleep in over 28 hours.

8:00 pm: I awake, cook something in the microwave, and begin typing my English essay.

10:30 pm: I decide I need to catch up on sleep at all costs. I go to sleep. Dave pulls an all-nighter this night!

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