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Gah, Im at home and horribly overwhelmed. I always think Im amazingly great at video editing, but in reality Im just a pathetic loser. Let me see if I can break down the problem so that the average person can understand:

Many of the people Ive been sending my videos to have been complaining that they cant hear sound on them. Well

Thats because videotapes have two mono soundtracks (areas) where sound is recorded on. HI-FI VCRs are stereo VCRs that encode a stereo signal in the video signal.

When recording the master for my latest tape, and a few before that, I forgot to set the VCR up so that it records both on the stereo and the mono tracks.

So now, all the people with non-HI-FI VCRs wont be able to hear anything! Great! And Ive spent hours trying to come up with a solution, but there is none!

So: Sorry all you wonderful friends of mine that want to see my college experiences! Find a HI-FI VCR (your parents probably have one), and you can listen to the sound! Otherwise, there is nothing I can really do.

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