Vienna Trip I Booked

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Whooo! I booked my Vienna trip today! ItĖs going to be from November 23 to December 2! IĖm horribly excited!

Last night I played pool. My suavest shot was when I hit one of MarkĖs balls in instead of mine. ThatĖs not horribly embarrassing or anything.

Great, itĖs horribly windy out and it looks like the tree in my backyard is going to lose all its leaves in like an hour. ThatĖs horribly depressing.

Today I made a copy of my ĪVolume 2Ķ tape for Danielle and Lauren. Actually, itĖs still copying÷ because itĖs 7.5 hours long.

Yeah, then I was going to copy one of my wild Utica tapes, but I found out I left it up there! Great! That made me horribly angry!

So to sum it up: IĖm horribly excited, embarrassed, depressed, and angry!

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