Nine Hours of No Power

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Great, something actually happened on a weekday afternoon yesterday! As I was walking to the post office with a friend I saw this power transformer explode into a six-foot fireball. Since it was right next to the entrance to the college, I was sure it knocked out the power to the college. When we got back I found out that I was right. All buildings but three of the newer ones had no power.

The power had gone out at 2:30. It took the wonderful Niagara Mohawk people nine hours to fix the problem! Yeah, of course they were aided by the fact that it was dark for a good part of the process and that it was raining like hell!

Anyway, I went to another hall with another friend of mine to shower. I also went to dinner, which was served by candlelight. Yeah, that was amusing. And I also played pool with the same guy, aided by a flashlight! Whooo! I'm a hardcore pool player! Otherwise there was not much to do.

At eleven, while sitting in my room, the power came back on! Too bad the TV cable and the internet didnĚt work. Cable started working shortly later, but the internet still isnĚt working, over nine hours later! Great, I feel horribly useless without the internet.

Oh, and I have a history mid-term in 2.5 hours. Maybe this is a sign from above that I should study for that!

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