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Poptart Brings the Power Down

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Great, I'm horribly tired this morning. I want to make a Poptart but that will probably blow the circuit breaker, although I think I already meet all the requirements, such as having the TV and the coffeemaker off. Anyway, I'm going to wake myself up, stare blankly at the computer screen for two hours, and then go to class.

Too Low Urinals

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My grievance of the day: Urinals that are five inches off the ground! I know you want to accommodate five year-olds, but let's be realistic here÷ Five year-olds are afraid of urinals!

Gah, that was just experience at Price Chopper the other day. Now I'm sitting here with nothing at all to do÷ Well, except homework, which I guess I will do now.

Survived Another One

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Whooo! I survived another night of partying! Yeah÷ Last night was fun. I guess I went to bed around five or so. Tonight I'm probably going to watch another college hockey game and then party. Yep÷ I horribly love the weekend! It's raining right now, but it should stop soon. I'm going to walk to the post office and Price Chopper with a friend of mine. Now I got to go shave because I feel like a caveman.

Decent Artwork

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Whooooo! Weekend! I just had an art history test. I thought I was going to do terrible on it, but it turns out it was all right, because I studied quite decently for it this morning. Now it's party time! Hell yeah!


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Gah, I have so much work right now÷ I'll find time to post eventually...

More Material

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Well, off to another boring week of classes! Yesterday I did absolutely nothing. I just started making my "Volume 3" tape. Too bad I found out I need forty more minutes of material. Oh well÷

Potsdam and TKE

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Last night I went to a hockey game, where I saw our team lose to SUNY Potsdam 6-5. Afterwards I went to the TKE house party. I was there until about 1:30, when we had to sneak out because the cops were around. It was great. Today I'm working on my "Volume 3" tape. It's going to have two hours of college material on it.

Gambling it Away

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Last night I went to the Turning Stone Casino with four others, and it was quite fun. Yeah, that's about the only place to go around here! Afterwards I felt horribly tired and I went to bed around 2 o'clock.

GOV 101 Mid-Term

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Great, it's a Friday morning, and I have a mid-term in GOV 101 in less than two hours! I feel great! Yeah, my eyes only hurt like hell and I am pretty damn tired! This will be great!

Nine Hours of No Power