Bored, Strange Weather

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Great, I love being horribly bored! But boredom is probably keeping me working harder academically. Actually, most of my classes seem horribly easy. The only one that's bothering me a bit is Government and Politics. It sort of reminds me of IB Economics. I'll read the texts, and everything will be defined using terms that make just as just as little sense to me.

Oh well, right now I'm listening to mangerbabies while random people run through the halls screaming. I'm having wonderful-tasting Gevalia Stockholm Roast and soon I will work on the front page of a bit to match it a bit more with my funky-looking menu.

After two days of 90+ (32+C) weather it decided to get horribly cold yesterday. Today it was a little warmer, but not much. Gah, I woke up horribly freezing this morning, because I had left a window fan on, and it made it horribly cold in the room.

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