Memory Lapse

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Gah, I love how I just noticed I've been staring at the same web site (my own) for fifteen minutes! Great, that would mean I'm horribly internet-bored! But I don't really have anything to do because I don't really have any other applications on this computer.

I could install some, but that would be horribly pointless, because I'm getting Mac OS X 10.2 Saturday, and then I would have to download everything again, since there are special versions for it.

Tomorrow I'm probably go to Syracuse to kill my boredom. The local Wal-Mart isn't enough anymore!

I will probably go to the State Fair. I'd see a musical performance, but the only band performing tomorrow is Poison, which I haven't heard of. I guess that's because they haven't been active since like 1991 (I checked).

Oh well...


I had a lot of Austrian visitors on my site this past day... that's probably because some of my "" posters are still around my former school. Gah, I made so many... I bet they'll find some in like fifty years under the floorboards!

Gah, I love having a total period of my history missing from my mind. Like I was thinking today about how I can't remember much about what happened last fall. I can distinctly only remember three days in September... The 11th, 12th, 21st, and the 22nd. Great. Then I don't remember when I was in the U.S. during the fall. I remember during one break I arrived back in Austria on a Saturday, and went to KÓrntner Straúe to get picked up (always worked). I got picked up by two girls (Selma and someone else?) and went to some party at Che, at which I passed out, probably due to jet lag and beer. I remember waking up, and leaving (guess I never paid). Then I guess I got into the wrong subway and went to the wrong terminus. Then I got into a cab and then I woke up about twenty seconds before I arrived at my apartment.

Wait... It's coming back now (I guess this helps)! It was Kate's party, because she gave me my jacket back I had left there like seven months later! Whoa! That really works!

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