Top 15 Reasons Why IB Sucks

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I just came home from taking two IB exams. How they went Iëll talk about later. For now, enjoy the following:

Top 15 Reasons Why IB Sucks

15. IB backwards is BI.
14. The really smart people go to a math/science magnet school, such as Blair.
13. You'll end up dropping out after your [junior] year anyway.
12. I can't spell or pronounce Baccalaureate.
11. Damn IB Nerds!
10. [IB doesnët improve the teachers.]
9. You think you have no life now; just wait!
8. You think you have no self esteem now; just wait!
7. As long as we're still individuals, their work is not complete.
6. IB English.
5. Your GPA will drop considerably; even your weighted GPA.
4. The dreaded sixth subject.
3. IB exams.
2. [The literature.]
1. Two words: Extended Essay.

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murphy said:

its true

kunal saha said:

exactly!! nice nice

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