What Does Xanga Mean to You?

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Oh please do tell me why I keep calling this place Xcela instead of Xanga! I always write that. Then I notice and have to go in and edit it out.

Xcela just sounds so internety! Xanga sounds like a citrus fruit or some cartoon show. What does Xanga mean to you? Xcela... wasn't that Intel's cheap chip before Celeron. No, that was Xenon or something.

Xango, like the tango. A new dance?

Zenga, a toothpaste?

Yenga, a game?

Renga, an SUV?

Qenga, a quest?

Cenga, like Xenga?

Fenga, a medieval fighting simulation?

Genga, a Japanese herb?

Henga, my dog in Japanese?

Jenga, that game?

Kenga, Kenya's Gallery of the Arts?

Menga, a food hall?

Penga, Ping-Pong?

Why Xanga? I would have gotten freeweblogs.com!

Oh well, they must have a reason...

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