Valentine’s Day is Nothing but Christmas II

Think about it… Take Christmas, change green to pink (keep the red and white), replace Santa Claus with chocolate, and you get Valentine’s Day.
Working at Target has shown me that holidays are nothing but different color crayons shading in stencils. We have a section called “Mini-Seasonal,” which contains all the food products and other small accessories for each respective holiday. What really changes as the seasons pass? Not much but the colors. In essentially the exact same spot that you could find christmas cookie cutters, frosting, and sprinkles just two months ago, you can now find the equivalent for Valentine’s Day. The shapes of the cutters have changed from trees to hearts, and the frosting and sprinkles have merely changed from green/red/white to pink/red/white. Starting later this week you’ll be able to see bunnies and green/yellow/pink. And the cycle continues…
What does my Valentine’s Day look like? I start off with a German class, followed by a horribly hard chemistry test. After that it’s straight off to another German class and a chemistry recitation. To finish my evening I have a three-hour chemistry lab.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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