Sleeping Problems

Maybe I’m becoming old, but my sleep schedule has been a mess since returning to college after two weeks in Vienna. First I wasn’t getting enough sleep, then I was sleeping too much, and now I’m waking up three times a night.
Then there’s my over-ambition to get up early to do work. This morning I had set my alarms to 7:30, but instead got up at around 9:45, after resetting the alarms in 15-30 minute intervals, which didn’t allow me to go back into a deep sleep anyway, but rather really crazy disturbing dreams.
For some reason I thought my calculus class was at 12:15, so I franticly finished my homework for that class by around 11:15. It wasn’t until I was putting up an away message (and calculating the time I’d be back home), that I realized the class starts at 2:15.

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