Last Hot Day of the Year?

Today will be the last hot day of the year in Vienna, according to whatever radio station I was listening to this morning. “Hot” means 30°C (86°F), which is by far hot enough for me. I want to make sure I get out of the apartment today, instead of staring blankly at my laptop while refreshing my Facebook feed all day, waiting for something to change.
The past couple days weren’t bad at all, however. Saturday Kerstin had a pool party (no one but her brother and I went swimming), which was pretty fun. Sunday we went to go see Lady in the Water, which was mediocre. Nothing went on Monday, but Tuesday was an eventful day instead. I got a haircut with Kerstin, Kathi, Kathi’s boyfriend, and Nikki at this cool salon in the 19th District. For once I wasn’t asked the dumb “what do you want done” question. Instead my hair was grabbed and I was given a suggestion, which I simply agreed to. The end result turned out pretty great. Thorsten’s grill party was that night, which again was pretty fun.
Tonight we’re off to Passage, a fancy club under the Ringstraße. I usually don’t go there, but there is always room for exceptions in my life!

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