A New Year

It’s been a couple days since I updated, I know. Once again, when I take a ton of photos, written commentary isn’t as necessary.
The most important night of the last week was New Year’s Eve. Overall, I had quite a bit of fun. It started around 10 when I met up with a bunch of my friends at Nightfly’s. This locality is nice, but the 7-euro-and-up menu is ridiculous. In any case, we stayed there until 11:45, when we began to fight our way through the 650,000 people that were downtown, in order to get as close to the center square as possible. It was insane.
As soon as midnight came and went, we continued on fighting our way over to a less-traveled side street. This took a good 20 minutes. We then walked over to Lukas, where we spent around 30 minutes. Some of my friends split off and took a detour via Merry Monk, but we all ended up at Paddy’s not too much later.
We spent quite some time at Paddy’s, over an hour and a half. We then made our way to the Landstraße District, to go to a houseparty. We ran into everyone leaving that party shortly before getting there, so we then all decided to go back to Lukas, where we also spent over another hour and a half.
That’s a pretty decent summary. I have posted 102 photos from that night here. A video will be coming out soon as well.

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