When Vienna Became Syracuse…

Vienna in the SnowFor some reason, whenever I visit Vienna during the winter, I bring Syracuse weather with me. It has been snowing like crazy the past few days, just like it did when I was here two years ago during this time. It’s all kind of strange, because when I went to high school here, it hardly snowed at all.
Anyways, I had a set of good flights from Binghamton to Vienna, nothing really to complain about. I met up at Merry Monk with Oliver and Thorsten the first night, later replacing them with Daniel Rhodes at Lukas, where just about anybody who used to or still goes to AIS Vienna, and was in Vienna, was at. After several hours of that, I went home and still stayed up awhile longer, perhaps aided by my jetlag.
Except taking one trip to the bank, I stayed in all of Thursday during the day, but was quite ready to go out that night. I met up with Thorsten and Martin at Köö and played some pool. Subsequently we went to Merry Monk, after which I convinced a reluctant Thorsten to join me for the rest of the night.
Thorsten’s reluctancy changed quickly after we entered Lukas and he found out Peaches and Emily from our class were in town. Their respective sisters escorted us to Chill Out, a bar down the street. We spent over an hour there, which seemed to fly by pretty quickly. I then explained the nightbus system to Peaches and Emily, just in time to see my own nightbus, the N60, pull up, which I quickly jumped on.
I’ve really missed Vienna. I could go on for hours about that, but I think those first four words sum it up pretty good. Now it’s time for dinner and another great night.

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