Two Weeks Without Internet

This really sucks. Time Warner Cable is really screwing me over. I called them yesterday to have my cable turned on in my Syracuse apartment, but was told someone would have to come by and connect it because it’s disconnected. And… There’s not a slot open until Tuesday, September 6. I really don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next weeks. I suppose by signing onto AIM from my cell phone and frequently visiting the Kimmel Computer lab, which is only two blocks away, I can survive. I’ll only be able to get the eight over-the-air stations on TV, if I feel like installing an antenna. It’s probably not even worth the effort. I will have my XM satellite radio though, which might help pass some time.
Anyways, I’m leaving for Syracuse around four this afternoon. I’ll probably be best-reachable by phone, +1 315-601-1865.

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